Meat Eaters–Beware!

An average adult requires 200 mg of cholesterol per day. A regular consumer of meat consumes much more than the required quantity and exposes himself to many health risks including heart disease, colon cancer and stroke as meat provides far less fibre than vegetables do. Research has shown that ladies who ate red meat daily were at a higher risk of colon cancer than ladies who didn’t.
The sodium  in meat increases blood pressure in hypertensive patients and potassium present in red meat worsens the health of sufferers of kidney failure. The protein present in meat is contraindicated for people with IBS and other digestive problems.
Due to the excess usage of meat, the calcium and uric acid level in blood increases  leading to urinary stones.
We can’t overlook the fact that in order to increase the shelf life of tinned food and processed meat, chemicals like boric acid, benzoic acid are added these. These are quite harmful to our body.
Hormones and Meat

  • Meat creates an imbalance of bodily hormones.
  • Prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer are more seen in meat eaters.
  • Early puberty is seen in girls who eats non-vegetarian from an early age.
  • It also results in obesity.
  • People become anti-biotic resistant due to the consumption of meat containing a lot of anti-biotic.
  • The energy obtained by eating meat is not due to the proteins in it but fat.
  • Roughage/fibre content is higher in vegetarian diets. Regular meat eaters suffer from constipation as meat does not give fibre. This is why ulcerative colitis and colon cancer are more common in meat eaters.
  • Tamas is a quality of mind which evokes darkness and resistance. Foods like alcohol, beef, chicken, fish, pork, and frozen microwaved food, mushroom promote tamasika guna.

As you reach for juicy burgers and sizzling steaks, remember that they are not as innocent as they seem to be!!!