Is your five year old using a cell phone?

The first month in India after my life in California was difficult. I did not have a cell phone connection. I could live happily without a television but life without a cell phone seemed impossible. Even to get a net connection, I was to give a cell phone number and I still remember the look on the man’s face when I said I did not have one. You can’t deny that cell phone has become a basic necessity of human life. But are they really safe to use?

Using a cell phone exposes us to microwave radiation which cruelly penetrates our neck and head. The radiation brings an increase in the temperature of the brain and the tissues around. It may cause damage to the brain cells leading to major health risks like lack of concentration, poor memory, poor co-ordination and calculation and learning disabilities. Persistent and frequent long periods of cell phone conversations are associated with health problems including cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADD, chemical sensitivity and more. Rats exposed to cell phone radiation for as low as two hours were found to have a multitude of dead brain cells after 50 days. Leukemia, mouth cancer and brain cancer are the other possible health hazards of radiation in people who continued long hours on their mobile phones. However, there is no solid data to confirm that mobile phone radiation alone can cause cancer or Alzheimer’s.

The ugly but shrewd manufacturers introduce a variety of colorful and easy-to-use cell phone sets to lure the teens and the youth everyday. Electromagnetic frequency emissions from cell phones are not a treat for young children. But, again, science has not come up with any proof to support any parent who does not wish his child to have a cell phone. Yet, experts believe that using cell phones may have other negative effects on the young minds as they get carried away by static machines, causing them to look down most often and to be impatient with natural and human things as things for them happen with the push of a button. Cell phones are believed to cause addictivity, low self-esteem and depression, and spread bacteria in children. In short, call cell phones are a “dangerous distraction”. Hence it is important to make your child realize the ill-effects of a cell phone especially when the user is not mature enough to assess its use against misuse.

In 2008 July, the state of California enforced the use of handsfree while driving. Some people believed that it also served to minimize any brain damage caused by the direct use of mobile phones. Again the plates were turned, and new controversies lept up saying that handsfree kits may rather increase the radiation health risks than minimize them. The argument is based on the theory that the wire connecting the earpiece to the phone may serve as an aerial to direct the radiation straight towards the head making the brain to absorb it. So, other than the manufacturers who can assure us the safety of using mobile phones and handsfree-kits?

-Aparna K V
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