Halitosis is a condition which is extremely embarrassing for the one suffering from it and also for those who are around such a person. This condition is more commonly known as bad breath wherein terrible odor comes out from the mouth. There is nothing to be scared about it; bad breath is a common problem. The origin of unpleasant breath may not necessarily

be the mouth, sometimes bad breath originates from upper as well as the lower airways and the alimentary canal. Bad breath is also caused due to some kidney ailments. However, the main cause of bad breath is poor and careless dental care, smoking, infections of the tooth or gums, diabetes and hiatal hernia. If food particles remain in the mouth or tongue for very long time then it may give rise to bad bacteria and cause bad breath. Halitosis causes extreme social embarrassment and must be addressed at the earliest. Here are some natural tips and home remedies to save you from this embarrassment.

1. The easiest and the most efficient home cure for bad breath is to have fenugreek herbal tea. This tea is easily available in an herbal store otherwise you can easily make it by using fenugreek seeds. Regular intake of fenugreek tea is beneficial.

2. Raw green guava is extremely beneficial in curing bad breath. Chew guava atleast twice a day to avoid bad breath.

3. The following herbal mouth wash can be easily prepared at home to cure bad breath. Take two cups of water and add some twigs of roughly shredded parsley and let it steep. To this mixture add two to three full cloves after crushing it into fine powder. Mix properly and then strain the water and use it to gargle and wash your mouth three to four times in a day.

4. Cardamom is extremely useful in curing bad breath as it is a natural mouth freshener. Keep few cardamoms handy and chew upon them after brief intervals especially after having meals.

5. Yoga can also cure bad breath. Regular practice of pranayam for thirty minutes everyday can cure this problem.

6. Your diet has a lot to do with bad breath. Eat lot of fresh vegetables and fruits everyday. This would improve your digestive system and avoid any chances of getting bad breath resulting from improper digestion.

7. Baking soda is extremely useful in curing this problem. Rinsing and gargling with baking power mixed in water can help solve this problem.

8. Squeeze half a lemon and mix one teaspoon of honey in it. Have this mixture every morning and afternoon to cure bad breath.

10. Add two to three drops of oregano oil in a glass of water and drink it twice in a day. If possible then add oregano oil every time you drink water.

11. Mint is an excellent mouth freshener. Chew upon couple of mint leaves after every couple of hours.

12. If you go to buy mouthwash in the market then make sure you buy one that contains thymol as well as eucalyptol. These two components are very helpful in treating this trouble.

13. Have more of foods that are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E in your diet.

14. For those who suffer from problem of bad breath must make it a point to brush their teeth after having meals. If you cannot brush your teeth every time then carry a mouth freshener around.

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