We all look for super fast ways to lose weight, and surprisingly there are so many of them. Our advice is to simply follow these tips and don’t think so much and then you will see the amazing results in few weeks itself.

7 Fast Ways to Lose Weight

1. Forget the elevator; take the stairs all the way up:
This is something you must have heard before. But have you ever actually tried it? You can lose about three hundred calories for thirty minutes of stair climbing. Plus climbing the stairs is really good for your heart health. Ensure that the stairs are clean and safe and climb your way to thinness.

2. Choose a parking place away from your place:
So many times we drive around the buildings or malls just to find a parking place closer to your place of interest. Next time search for a spot that is away from the mall entrance. Park away, walk down and burn calories. These are very simple yet fast ways to lose weight on everyday basis.

3. Stay away from the processed food racks at the grocery store:
There is a large area in every grocery store that shouts processed, tasty, easy to cook… but it is processed, don’t forget! Whenever you head to the grocery store make a list of what you need and stick to that list. The trick to fast ways to lose weight is to roam around freely in the fresh, whole grains and healthy sections. Forget that the processed food sections even exist. Make the fruit and the vegetable section your favorite section. Stock up on healthy and less calorie foods whenever you hit the grocery store. The processed foods will only make you fat and easily tired instead of helping you with fast ways to lose weight.

4. A food diary:
Yes a food diary really helps with fast ways to lose weight. Keep a track of all you eat and drink in your food diary. It will help you recognize your week foods or timings and you will be better prepared to stay on a nutritious diet after a week. You can even download a food and exercising tracking application on your multimedia mobile phones. Some of them are amazing and will provide you graphs and figures that will give you tips to fast ways to lose weight. No matter what you eat make an entry in your journal or the tracking application.

5. Thumbs up for home cooked meals, stop eating out:
If you are making the food you will use only fresh and healthy ingredients. When you buy food from the market or food stalls you do not have an idea what ingredients were used and when they were made. So make a point to make your own sandwich and meals. Avoid the cafeteria at work and take a home made lunch next time.

6. Avoid bread:
Avoid white bread. If you need to have bread go for multigrain bread or brown bread. Make this a habit and very soon you will forget that white bread ever existed. Multigrain bread also tastes good. This is one of the healthiest fast ways to lose weight. Start today!

7. Soda a big no-no!
This will really help you lose weight if you stop having even a single drop of soda from your diet. If you must have soda then opt for a zero calorie substitute. Have water, lots of it. Opt for fresh fruit and vegetable juice and you will see the difference in a week’s time.

Those are simple yet fast ways to lose weight!

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