It is no surprise for you to hear that sweets are frightening little lumps of empty calories and ill health. Yet, most of us wouldn’t mind to cheat and get an occasional bite. Why? Because sweets have a beautiful way of making us happy. And if you have a sweet tooth, then you are done for life!
There is some story to it. All of us are programmed to love sweets from birth. Babies have a special affection for sweets from the beginning until new tastes are introduced to them. And if we are depressed, we overeat and crave for sweets. We are not at fault here because when we are unhappy our body makes all efforts to make us happy by trying to release the hormone of happiness, endorphin. Only sweets can release endorphin. So? We crave sweets!
Now, the bad part. What is bad in sweets are their calories. They lack fibre and nutrients and simply form fat especially in the middle, around our digestive organs. They cause weight gain and tooth loss – all in an effort to make you feel good.
What if I say, you don’t have to avoid sweets altogether?
Surprise, surprise! A study found that people who ate candy had a better lifespan than non eaters of candy! They don’t talk of regular consumers though.
Sweets, or simply sugar, is a healthy part of your diet. Sugar is carbohydrate which fuels your body. When you really look at it, 1 teaspoon of sugar is 15 calories. And that can easily become a part of your regular diet like any other food. But, what worries you is that sugar gets converted in to fuel quickly.
Dietitians vouch that sugar is healthy when consumed with a nutritious and well balanced diet. If you wish to eat a piece of sweet, go ahead without guilt. Try to eat it before 1 pm, ideally in the morning with a healthy diet or after exercise when your body can make use of it and not store. However, when you eat sweets, eat less of other sources of carbohydrates to maintain the healthy balance.
Enjoy sweets a few times a month for longevity, say scientists. Never make it a habit, say doctors!
-Aparna K. V.

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