In our traditional households in India, before a child is born, the grandparents get busy in finding a good massager for the new born and its mother. Quite understandably, the mother cannot massage her baby for the first couple of months and the expertise of a professional is called for.  If she is in her ancestral home then she is lucky to have an experienced grandmother or an elderly aunt who is an experienced baby massager. Most of the newborns hate the sound of water and the very touch of it and squirm in its massagers hands giving everyone a full-throated shriek. But as they grow they gradually realise the beauty of a bath and mothers have a tough time getting them out of their bath.

Babies demand your attention and care always. They want you to touch them, hold them and pamper them and make them feel important. Baby massage is a magic that brings to the infant relaxation, stimulation and interaction while to the parents it is again an acting of bonding and communication. A good oil massage will also allow the baby to sleep sound and impart good health to it. Through a therapeutic massage your baby will be able to

  • Get rid of discomforts from gas, colic, constipation and teething.
  • Get better digestion.
  • Completely relax.

Touch is the first kind of communication a baby receives. It should be warm, loving and caring. And massage is not one-way communication but a reciprocal interaction between the parent and the offspring.

Regular body massage will

  • Enhance the baby’s blood circulation
  • Improve the development of its nervous system
  • Bring to it a sensory awareness and alertness
  • Improve its immunity
  • Promote growth by releasing Oxytocin, the Nurturing hormone.
  • Enhance good sleep
  • Bond the baby with its massager, the parent.

As a parent you will be clueless to your newborns reactions to different things. Sometimes even the mother fails to understand what the baby is trying to say or why it has started crying all of a sudden. All this because there is a lack of communication. The baby cannot speak . A physical bonding through the power touch will give your more confidence, bring you into an emotional binding with a baby and will make you more sensitive to your baby’s cues and needs. An aromatherapy oil massage will also bring good health to your infant’s body mind and spirit.

Massage your baby only when you are relaxed and are in no hurry to finish everything quickly. You need to spend quality time with your cherub! The massage activity should be relaxing for both the parties and it should be a fun activity. Get a comfortable seat in a warm room, get a few drops of natural herbal oil and begin the massage. It is important not to massage the baby when he is hungry or too full.

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