If you do not know what “Kapha” is, then please check your dosha here

The winter months are Kapha Season. You tend to get depressed, sluggish and dull. The quick remedy to sluggishness, is to exercise vigorously. Exercise will stimulate and rejuvenate your body processes and induce lightness and help you to be active. Exercise also helps you to burn the toxins in your body. Also try and drink lukewarm water throughout the day to flush out impurities.

Be physically active. Being active would balance the Kapha Dosha.  After you determine your Body Dosha type and find that you are Vata-dominant, or tend to have an imbalance of Vata, then exercise gently and do not exert yourself beyond limits. Infact, my doctor advises that 40 minutes of brisk walk or cardio-exercises/yoga is good enough for the day. Because imbalance of Vata usually means being prone to high blood pressure, restrict yourself to normal, mild exercise.

Massage yourselves daily with Dhanvantram Oil. People who tend to be Pitta, should do moderate exercise like jogging, cycling, or can play some sports. Water sports are very good for Pitta people. Coconut Oil massage is very good for people with Pitta dosha.

Happy Dosha-balancing !  Enjoy your winters.