If you are overweight then you might have a faster metabolism. How ironical, isn’t it?

Yet, the general tendency is to blame it all on one’s metabolism, genes and body constitution. Oh yeah, if everybody burnt calories at the same rate then things would have been different. The world would have been a less happening place. Metabolism is individual to each one of us and is constantly working form the time we were conceived till the moment we die. And we blame the hard worker!

What we eat and drink is mostly seen on us. It is our physical activity that has a say on how many calories we burn in a day despite what we eat and drink. But it is not as simple as that. Metabolism is also a chemical process which involves hormones like thyroxine and others making us fat or thin. The decision is unanimous. Now, BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is a measure of the rate at which a rested person’s body burns energy. It simply means that no matter what we do or don’t do, up to 70% of the total calories are burnt due to our BMR. Irrespective to our size and quantity of food BMR is the main culprit behind some of us gaining weight. How? My BMR is different from yours due to the difference in our genes, gender, age, weight, diet and other factors like hormones, physical activity,presence of any short term illnesses and more. Also, the more muscle tissue we have the more calories we burn.

Not everybody has a fast metabolic rate. Symptoms of slow metabolism are fatigue, feeling cold, dry skin, constipation, a slow pulse and low blood pressure. Only adequate nutrition with a balanced diet can undo the damage.

So what about you? Is your metabolism ruined due to those above mentioned factors or just due to negligence?

See what you can do to kick start your metabolism through these tips.

  1. Your metabolism is further given a kick by your meal frequency. No wonder why they ask you to eat small frequent meals a day to lose weight effectively.
  2. Body weight is significantly affected by stress. Stress hormones may bring your BMR down or just raise it up.
  3. Interval Training! Who doesn’t get bored out of routine? Your body gets accustomed to your regular exercise if you continue the same kind of work out all through the year. Change your type of physical activity to trick your body to speed up the metabolism every month. Five minutes of walk can be supplied with a minute of jogging is a simple Intensive Interval Training to start with.
  4. Fidget when nobody is around. My mother scolds me for bouncing my heels or knees while my aunt would through a stick at me for bad manners! But researchers say that fidgeting actiivty could burn around 500 calories a day. So feel free to fidget when nobody is looking.
  5. An easy to do metabolic booster is your tennis ball. Squeeze it in your palm and there you go!
  6. You are to blame yourself if your body slows down a bit without enough water. Though some people say that icy cold water doubles your metabolic rates it is not advisable to drink very cold water.
  7. Eat well yet healthy to jump start your metabolism. If your body doesn’t get sufficient food it will slow down metabolism to store energy.
  8. Green signal to coffee and green tea for faster metabolism!
  9. Get heated with some spice. Chillies and hot peppers can be used to spice up your delicacies once a while for good health.
  10. To name some metabolism friendly foods are protein rich foods like eggs, lean turkey, oat meal, fruits like apple, pears and grapes, broccoli and the like.

Why wait? Get your metabolism hot and burning.

-AparnA K V