The seeds and leaves of Fenugreek are used as a culinary herb and is also known to cure many health problems.

Fenugreek seeds are rich in diosgenin (a compound that has oestrogen-like properties), protein, potassium, niacin and Vitamin C as well as diosgenin.

7 Major Health Benefits of Fenugreek

1. Maintaining proper balance of cholesterol

Studies have shown that people who took 50 grams of fenugreek seeds everyday showed notable decline in their bad cholesterol levels. After twenty four weeks of regular consumption the risk of heart attack was found to be about twenty five percent less. The best way to include fenugreek seeds in your diet is to sprinkle it on your food.

2. Curing Diabetes and reducing the level of blood sugar

Studies have indicated that people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes showed a notable decline in their blood sugar levels when they ate fenugreek every day. One must include about 200 to 500 mg of fenugreek seeds in your diet everyday for getting relief from Type 2 diabetes.

3. To cure skin inflammation

Fenugreek is a good cure to treat skin ailments like boils, eczema, abscesses, burns as well as gout. Try the following fenugreek recipe to cure your skin ailments:

– Take one teaspoon of fenugreek and grind it into fine powder.

– Mix the fenugreek powder in lukewarm water.

– Take a piece of soft cloth made of natural fabric like muslin, soak it in this mix.

– Simply apply the soaked cloth on the affected area just like a poultice.

4. To cure heartburn as well as acid reflux

Fenugreek has large amounts of mucilage, which is helpful in easing gastrointestinal inflammation as it coats the stomach and intestine lining. One teaspoon of fenugreek seeds is sufficient to provide effective cure against heartburn. You can sprinkle the same on your food or swallow them with water before having your meal.

5. Cure fever

Fenugreek seeds help in reducing fever. You can take the seeds with lemon and honey as it further nourishes the body and helps it heal sooner. Add 2 tsp of fenugreek to your herbal tea and mix in a little honey and 1/2 tsp lime juice to bring down fever.  Alternatively, you can make fenugreek tea and add honey and lemon to it.

6. Helps ease child birth

Fenugreek seeds stimulate uterine muscle contractions, which eases childbirth. But pregnant women must consult their doctor first before having fenugreek seeds for an easy childbirth.

7. Enhance milk production in lactating mothers

Fenugreek seeds are helpful in enhancing milk production in lactating mothers. Studies have indicated that the production of milk can increase by up to five hundred percent within one to three days of consuming fenugreek seeds regularly. The researchers have indicated that such a remedial action may be because of oil present in fenugreek seeds. You can try by having one herbal capsule of fenugreek seeds two to three times in a day.

Note: Fenugreek has no serious side effects. However, some people may suffer from nausea and some may suffer from mild gastrointestinal problem. You must also consult your doctor before consuming fenugreek herb if you are pregnant.

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