Think Twice Before Dieting !

Dieting is surrounded by myths and gimmicks and these are often confusing people all around. Some of the most common notions include abruptly reducing your normal meal intake. This is an unwelcome step for your body. If you start drastically reducing your caloric intake your body at a point adjusts to using less energy to carry out daily tasks. This way the weight loss process stops. Instead do more number of push-ups, squats, dips and pull-ups keeping your food consumption the same.

Forget numbers like cutting 3500 calories helps you lose 1 pound. Such statistics have no scientific basis as there is no mention of the time period over which this happens. And even the metabolic rates are not taken into consideration. Missing out on your breakfast or delaying it has no co relation with your weight loss goals. So you can continue with your breakfast habits as you did earlier. There is no one food that will drastically help you reach your desired number on the weighing scale. It is the right combination of exercise plus the quality and quantity  of food consumed that makes all the difference.

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