Losing those extra pounds can be so frustrating. At times you may feel you have done it all from dieting, exercising, taking herbal remedies, ayurvedic treatment, naturopathy course, however, nothing may seem to work in your favor. Here are five top things that might be stopping you from losing weight.

Exercising For Long Hours

We all know that exercising is good for health. Your well wishers must have told you that exercise will help you lose weight, but did anyone tell you when to stop? Although physical activities and work outs are part of salubrious way to lose weight, but at times you may harbor unreal expectations. To meet high weight loss expectations people put themselves under lot of strain and start over-exercising.

You must understand that only with optimum exercise your body will show  healthy results. With right hours of exercise your body will give you weight loss results much faster and you will feel active all day long.

Say No To Single Food Diets

Fad diets are very popular these days. However, filling yourself with only one type of food for weight loss is highly erroneous. There are several diets that promote single kind of food intake by eliminating all others. Such diets seem so promising at the start but most often they do give optimum results.

Diet and nutrition specialists have told repeatedly that healthy diet must comprise of balanced portions of all food types depending on ones bodily requirements. A healthy diet increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Your aim should always be healthy weight loss. You have to lose weight, not your health. So eat well and stay healthy!

Food Is Equal To Fat

After unsuccessful attempts to lose weight many people resort to starvation diet. The human body is meant to endure. Once your stop eating, you body starts saving fat in order to survive the longest. Not just your body stops burning fat it starts saving it as well. This can have negative impact on your health and you could become sick.

Food is not equal to fat, if it was then every single being would have been over weight. Most effective way to get rid of those extra pounds is to eat a low fat diet and take small servings at regular intervals.

Never Say No To Your Favorite Foods

While on a diet you must not punish yourself by restricting yourself from your favorite foods. I do understand that your list of fav foods may be loaded with cakes, chocolates, French fries and so on. Although these foods are loaded with calories, however you do not have to deprive yourself altogether. You can fix one day in a week and reward yourself by eating your favorite dish on that day. It will satiate your taste buds and encourage you to go on with your low fat diet till the time you lose weight.

Switching From One Method To Another

It can be quite depressing when you do not see the desired results in the initial stages of your weight loss process. In a depressed state you may get the impression that the current weight loss method may not be effective. However, for a successful weight loss you must give your weight loss program, be it ayurvedic, naturopathy, or any herbal remedy, some time to show desired effects.

Just keep these five mistakes in mind and very soon you will be admiring a thinner you in the mirror.

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