A cataract can be explained as the fogging and hardening of the eye lens which leads to muscle spasms, weakening of the eyes and even partial or complete loss of vision. This condition is curable and is commonly seen to effect people in the age group sixty to seventy years or older. Cataracts are treated by a minor surgery. This process is required to be repeated after some years. Cataracts can be managed using natural and herbal remedies. Some people have even reversed their condition using natural methods. Read on to know more about the same:

1. First Step: Rule out any fast foods and foods with saturated fats, sugar and high sodium content from your daily diet. Have more of whole foods that are rich in magnesium content like shellfish, molasses, green veggies, whole grains as well as eggs. Magnesium enhances the blood and muscle functioning, a very usual deficiency found in those suffering from cataracts.

2. Second Step: First thing in the morning have a cup of soothing green tea. Green tea has innumerous health benefits. It is an antioxidant and also enhances the functioning of the muscles. It promotes health cell growth and is said to improve eyesight.

3. Third Step: Have hundred mg of bilberry extract along with your breakfast. Bilberry herbal extract is loaded with bioflavonoid, tannic acid and anthocyanidins. The above three components work in a group to fight against infections. They also improve the blood and muscle and assist the eye lenses to adapt to light change.

4. Fourth Step: Have a glass of carrot juice along with your lunch. Carrot juice is rich in beta carotene which helps the body with production of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for the strong functioning of the eye. Also have a bowlful of spinach in lunch as well as dinner. Vitamin A is found in spinach in high quantity. It also improves muscle strength which may have been adversely affected due to cataract.

5. Fifth Step: Have two tablespoon of crushed kelp every night before dozing off. Kelp is rich in minerals and vitamins. The health benefits of kelp have been associated with health skin, eyes, muscles as well as blood. Dried sea green can be purchased online.

Exercise and body care

1. First Step: Have sauna or steam bath for twenty minutes to half an hour every day for atleast two weeks. If sauna or steam bath is inaccessible to you then have hot water bath with ten to fifteen drops of fir essential oil or eucalyptus oil added to it. The hotness of the steam will assist in cleaning your body pores such that the toxins trapped in the body will get released through the skin. This will also enhance lung function which will in turn improve blood flow.

2. Second Step: Atleast once a week visit your chiropractor for adjustment for a month. Many health problems can be drastically cures with chiropractic body adjustment.

3. Third Step: Do stretching of your muscles as well as your bones before sleeping every night. Stretching will improve blood circulation and breathing.

1. Have eight to ten glasses of water for two weeks atleast. It’s beneficial if you can continue having this much water after two weeks as well.
2. Avoid going in the sun for long hours.
3. Reduce or stop smoking.
4. If you feel ill after taking any herbal supplement, discontinue and consult your doctor.

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