Restaurants Trick You into Unhealthy Food Choices

How many times have you returned after a good dinner from a restaurant and thought to yourself ‘I wish I had eaten a little lesser’? Chances are that there are many such days. It has been learnt that restaurants also have many tricks in place that overpowers your sheer will to eat right. These tricks include using eye-catchy graphics with fancy fonts or terms like ‘Chef’s recommendations’ and ‘Today’s Special’ to get you to spend more. Also, you usually find the prime appetizers to be on top of the menu. This is done on purpose as it is commonly seen that you are likely to order what you see first. Restaurants also manage to duplicate the smell of delicious food items to increase your cravings. See multicolors in your dishes, that’s just another of the chef’s idea to play on your visual hunger. Also not to mention that all the loud music and bright lighting are distracters that can lead to higher calories and thinner wallets.

So the next time you are going out for dinner glance over foxnews once again.

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