Vegan Diet, the Healthiest Diet?

Here’s some good news for all the vegans!

According to a new study conducted it was found that the healthiest of all diets is a plant-based diet. There were 5 different diets considered in the research -vegan, vegetarian, semi-vegetarian (reduced meat intake), pesco-vegetarian (vegetarians who ate seafood) and omnivorous diets. On an average, it was found that vegans ate ~50% more fruits and ~25% more greens. The vegan and vegetarian diets were considered healthier with higher intake of fruits and vegetable and lower sodium content. In these diets, if well planned even the proteins was not a problem. It was also seen that omnivore diets led to overweight and obese subjects. So a diet that constitutes whole plant based foods and doesn’t include eggs, dairy products or meat is taken to be the healthiest of all.

To learn more about the study read emaxhealth.

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