Wheatgrass as the name suggests is a grass, now you must be wondering how a grass can benefit your health. Wheatgrass is one of the healthiest foods of all. It is loaded with enzymes and vitamins. Wheatgrass is the immature grass of wheat. It is consumed by either juicing or drying it into powder form. Wheatgrass is also a rich source of chlorophyll, minerals and amino acids. Several researches and studies have proved that wheatgrass has tremendous healing properties. Many people have started including wheatgrass juice in their daily routine to improve their health. Wheatgrass can be easily grown in a flower pot in the house. Otherwise, wheatgrass is also available in powder supplement form, frozen juice and herbal tablets.

Nutritional Content of Wheatgrass:
Wheatgrass has all the minerals and vitamins needed by the body. Rich in proteins, wheatgrass has nearly thirty enzymes. It has seventy percent chlorophyll content in it.

The Health Benefits:

1. Wheatgrass is an excellent source of proteins. As the age increases the body’s need for proteins also goes up. Wheatgrass replenishes this need and helps in avoiding any serious damage to the body caused by protein deficiency.
2. Wheatgrass aids in formation of the blood in the human body. The chlorophyll found in wheatgrass is extremely similar to the hemoglobin in human blood. This chlorophyll helps in breaking down the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Wheatgrass helps maintain the red blood cell count by speeding up the building process.
3. If you feel lazy and lethargic all day long then a glass of wheatgrass juice will provide you with the needed energy. The nutrition found in organic vegetables is found in double quantity in wheatgrass. It is absorbed in the blood in less than twenty minutes when the stomach is completely empty, possible only in the morning.
4. Wheatgrass is like a natural cleanser as it helps in removing toxins from the cells.
5. Wheatgrass speeds up the healing process of any outer injuries as it aids in breaking down the mucus in the injured areas.
6. It also helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure especially beneficial in lowering high blood pressure.
7. Wheatgrass is beneficial is reducing scars formed inside the lungs after breathing in acidic fumes or gas. Even the unhealthy effects of carbon dioxide are reduced because of the high chlorophyll content present in wheatgrass.
8. The juice of wheatgrass when applied on the scalp can help in getting rid of dandruff as well as reducing premature graying of the hair.
9. Wheatgrass reduces the possibility of vaginal infections.
10. It also improves the bowel movement and provides relief in constipation.
11. It is also known to postpone the aging process.
12. Regular intake of wheatgrass improves the skin texture and makes it glow.
13. It also helps in controlling weight by acting as a mild and natural appetite suppressant.

How to make wheatgrass juice:
Try not to use mixer or blenders as the fast blade motion oxidizes the chlorophyll and reduce the nutritional benefits of wheatgrass. Use a juicer or a stone grinder.
The process: Always cut the grass about half an inch above the mud level.
If you are making use of a juicer then just juice out the wheatgrass as you would do with other fruits. While using a mortal and pestle add a little water with manually chopped grass and grind the same in a paste. Then stain this paste with a muslin cloth. Strain till the residue in the cloth is almost white.

If you are unable to grow wheatgrass in your home then opt of wheatgrass supplements available in powder, herbal tablets and frozen juice form.

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