Will Eating Tomatoes Lead to Kidney Stones?

Indian cooking is incomplete without all the spices and ingredients. They can hardly be avoided when a person is relishing any typical Indian dish. Tomato is yet another ingredient which is used as a flavour enhancer and salad in Indian households.

It offers many kinds of benefits to the body. However, as the number of kidney stone patients are increasing in the country, the usage of tomatoes in food is being questioned. But before rejecting a juicy tomato bite, every person must understand the science behind kidney stones.

Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Interestingly, a person may not know that s/he has a kidney stone, till it starts moving within his/her kidney or gets stuck into the ureter. It is only under these conditions that a person starts experiencing the symptoms as well. Depending upon the size of the stone, different intensities of the symptoms can be observed.

  • Severe Pain
    It is usually felt in and around the ribs and lower abdominal area. The blockage and/or injuries created by the stone create agonising aches. They may be temporary or consistent pangs.
  • Nausea
    It is an effect which is caused by the improper cleansing of blood by the kidneys. It may also be a result of abdomen pain and infrequent urine caused by the stones.
  • Troubled Urination
    Smelly urine and painful urination with traces of blood are the primary symptoms of kidney stones. At times, a person may also observe an increase in frequency of urination.

Process of Growth of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones often occur due a number of factors. Kidney stones are formed when there are substances in the urine which join together to make crystals. Uric acid,

calcium and oxalate are examples of such substances. In addition, if the urine does not have compounds that stop the substances from sticking together, stones occur invariably.

Nutritive Content of Tomatoes

A fresh tomato is a sight for sore eyes – both in terms of taste and nutrition. It contains a variety of vitamins that promote the immunity and development of a person. It is a great resource of fibre and proteins as well. Thereby, being a wholesome treat for the body.

  • Fibre
    More than 50% of a tomato is made up of different kinds of fibre. They increase the digestion of food and help in excretion of solid wastes from the body.
  •  Vitamins
    Tomatoes have a rejuvenating effect on the body. This is so because it has high vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K1 quantities. Each of these nutrients make the blood, bones and muscles healthy.
  • Rare Plant Compounds
    Presence of antioxidant nutrients like beta carotene, lycopene etc. makes tomatoes highly beneficial for the heart, blood pressure and skin. These compounds improve cell growth.

What Makes the Tomato a Red-Handed Culprit?

It is a good idea to clearly understand the link between tomatoes and kidney stones to avoid getting misguided. Usually, eating tomatoes or tomato seeds does not result in kidney stones. However, people who already have kidney or kidney stone related problems should avoid eating it in the form of salads, dishes, puree and sauce.

  • Dangers of the Seeds
    Tomato seeds have a lots of oxalate content. When this oxalate comes in contact with calcium in the body, it forms a hard compound. This compound leads to formation of stone crystals in the kidneys.
  • Ripe is Risky – Too!
    Besides red tomatoes, green tomatoes are harmful for the kidneys too. Their seeds are very difficult to digest and may lead to formation of more kidney stones if they are eaten too frequently.
  • Hard to Assimilate Nutrients
    Tomatoes are a minefield of fibre, minerals, vitamins, lycopene and other antioxidants that boost health tremendously. But they are hard to absorb for the body if the kidney is not functioning properly. Thus, people are asked to avoid tomatoes during kidney stone treatments.

Kidsto-Quor for Kidney Stones & Burning Micturition

kidsto for kidney stone

Nirogam’s Kidsto-Quor is a natural formulation that works on kidney stones from day one of usage. It breaks them down into small pieces and helps in their release through urine. Since it actively removes stones from the body, it can effectively reduce the symptoms and prevent serious kidney complications.


  • Dissolves the kidney stones by restoring the crystalloid-colloid balance
  • Expels small stones
  • Promotes smooth urination
  • Relieves renal colic

Benefits of Kidsto-Quor:

  • Cures urinary calculus and crystalluria.
  • Treats burning micturition
  • Prevents post-surgical recurrence of kidney stones

01 capsule once/twice daily before meals.


Maintaining a healthy diet is extremely necessary to prevent kidney stones. Taking medical advice to find the diet best suited to a patient can work wonders. After all, just as Ayurveda dictates – a balanced approach goes a long way in ensuring a healthy life!